Crown Supply Corporation is the sole distributor of the following brands in the Philippines:
  • Faber-Castell
  • Dong-A
  • Deli
  • KW-Trio
  • Jovi
  • 3M Stationery
  • Shiny
1.1. How to pronounce Faber-Castell?
You can pronounce it as "Fah-Ber Kas-Tel"
1.2. Where I can buy Faber-Castell products?
You can buy Faber-Castell products at your nearest art store like National Book Store, SM Stationery & Art Bar branches. You can also order online here at this website www.crownsupplymanila.com . How to order? (direct them to the FAQ that answers this question)
1.3. Are you open for dealership?
Yes, you may call or text us at 09477821648 and look for Ederlina Pecato for faster assistance. You can also email us at epecato@crownsupplymanila.com
1.4. Are your products Non-Toxic?
All products distributed by Faber-Castell Philippines are non-toxic and safe. They are certified non-toxic by a board-certified toxicologist.
1.5. How to get featured in official Page of Faber-Castell Philippines?
Feel free to share share your artwork by tagging us on Instagram: @fabercastellphils for a chance to get featured.
1.6. How much is your KARLBOX and where I can buy it?
Our limited edition Karlbox is available for P150,000. Available at Art Bar Serendra, Rockwell, & National Book Store Glorietta, Shangri-la Mall, & TriNoma. You may call or text us at 09477821648 and look for Ederlina Pecato for faster assistance. You can also email us at epecato@crownsupplymanila.com
1.7. How much is your Classic Colour Pencils?
Our Faber-Castell Classic Colour Pencils are available in sets of 12's for P154.75, 24's for P309.75, 36's for P469.75, 48's for P619.75 and special edition Classic Colour Pencils 60 colors for P779.75 Check out our online store: Crown Supply E-Store, Lazada Flagship Store, Shopee Mall.
1.8. How much is your Polychromos Colour Pencils?
Our Faber-Castell Polychromos Color Pencil are available in Tin Case set of 12's for P1,100, 24's for P2,200, 36's for P3,300, 60's for P5,500, 120's for P10,500 and 120's in Wood Case for P19,800.
1.9. Where are the pencils made?
Faber-Castell has production sites in nine countries. At the headquarters in Stein (Germany), around 200 million wood-cased pencils are produced every year.
1.10. How much is your Charcoal or Graphite Pencils Drawing sets?
Our Graphite Drawing set is available for P349.75, Charcoal Drawing set for 449.75 & Classic Drawing set for P449.75 at your nearest art store & stationery outlet! Also available online in our Official Crown Supply Store, Lazada Flagship Store and Shopee Mall.
2.1. About Dong-A
DONG-A Pencil Co. was established in 1946. It was the first stationery manufacturer in Korea, and for 60+ years, Dong-A Pencil has continuously and steadily developed and produced intricate and high-quality products, including pencils, ball-point pens, mechanical pencil leads, etc. Today, Dong-A Pencil is one of the World's major stationery suppliers, retaining customer confidence at home and overseas.
2.2. Are your products toxic?
No, all of our products are non-toxic
2.3. What are the tip sizes available for Dong-A Anyball?
We have 5 different tip size for Anyball (0.5mm, 0.7mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, and 1.4mm)
2.4. Do you sell refills for Fine Tech?
Yes, we do. It's available in 0.2mm, 0.3mm and 0.4mm size.
2.5. How many colors are available for My Metal?
There are 7 metallic color available for my metal. (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Metal Blue, Metal Pink, Metal Green, and metal violet)
2.6. What's the difference between My Gel Pen and My Gel Tec Pen?
My Gel Pen is available in 10 colors namely, Black, Black Blue, Black Brown, Violet, Green, Blue, Sky Blue, Orange, Pink, Red and is available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm (Black, Red & Blue) tip; While My Gel Tec is available in Black and Blue in 0.3mm and 0.4mm tip.
2.7. Is My Color 2 Waterproof?
No, My color 2's ink is water based and would tend to blend with water to create watercolor effect
2.8. How Many Colors are available for Dong-A Watercolor Cake?
Dong-A Watercolor Cake is available in set in 8, 12 and 16 color set.
2.9. How many colors are available for Dong-A Poster Color?
Our Dong-A Poster Color is available in 12 colors: White, yellow, red, green, cobalt blue, black, orange, pink, purple, brown, yellow green, and ultramarine blue. Gold and silver was later added to the collection, making it a total of 14 colors.
2.10. What are the available sizes for the poster color?
Our Dong-A Poster Color is available in 10cc, 15cc, 30cc and it's also available in 500mL
2.11. Do you sell quick dry gel pens?
Yes, we do. It's called Q-Knock.
3.1. About Deli?
Deli Stationery is the largest stationery manufacturer in Asia. Deli products are sold in more than 100 countries and every year they launch more than 300 new products. Deli is a one-stop shop for office and school supplies.
Products are developed and processed in house. Each product development is being checked and tested to ensure good quality and customer satisfaction.
For many years, Deli has been adhering to the principle of Green Manufacturing. Deli uses fewer natural resources to reduce pollution and waste.
3.2. What products are available in Deli?
Deli products vary from School to Office needs like, writing instruments, glue, coloring materials, drafting sets for School and staplers, punchers, cutters, files and folders and etc. for Office. You can check all available products at our online shop here at www.crownsupplymanila.com. (direct them to the FAQ that answers this question)
3.3. How many colors are available for Deli Brush Pen (felt pen)?
There are 24 colors that includes hopeful red, zen brown, faithful blue, bold black, funny yellow, vigorous green, passion burgundy, peaceful blue, mystic violet, poetic pink, idealist green, energetic orange, friendly yellow, trust blue, cool green, fantasy purple, natural brown, mild green, creative green, dreamy plum, neutral silver, exotic gold, original blush, cold blue
3.4. Are your products toxic?
No, all of our products are non-toxic
3.5. Do you have Calculators?
Yes, we have different kinds of calculators from desktop calculators to scientific calculator that has 400 + functions.
3.6. What is a Dual Power Calculator?
Dual Power calculator means that the calculator is both solar and battery operated
3.7. Do you have refills for your Whiteboard Markers?
Yes, we do but only Black refill is available
3.8. Does your non-dry permanent marker marks on any surface?
Yes. It marks on any surface.
3.9. What are the sizes of your White Glue?
Deli White Glue is available in 40ml, 80ml and 120ml
3.10. Can I make slime using your Glue?
Yes, we have clear and white glues that can be used in making your D.I.Y slimes.
4.1. What are the product lines that are available for 3M stationery?
3M Stationery have Scotch, Tartan and Post-It.
4.2. What kind of products that 3M are selling?
The Products we are selling are mostly Adhesive Tapes, Flags, Scissors and other stationery products.
4.3. Can we buy your products online?
Yes, you can buy our products here www.crownsupplymanila.com. (direct them to the FAQ that answers this question)
4.4. What's the difference between Scotch Magic Tape and Transparent Tape?
Transparent -Tape has a glossy finish, while Scotch Magic Tape is frosty on the roll, but invisible on paper making it perfect for writing on in pen or pencil.
4.5. Are all Post-it paper products recyclable?
Yes. 3M has conducted recycling trials on Post-It Notes at recycled paper mills. The Adhesive on the paper does not interfere with paper recycling because the adhesive is substantially removed in the paper deinking process.
4.6. Are there any Coloured Adhesive Tapes?
No, the most common color of Adhesive Tapes are clear, Off white and Tan.
4.7. Are Scotch Scissors for left-handed people?
Scotch Scissors are designed to accommodate both left and right hand use.
4.8. Can I use Double sided tapes for mounting?
You can use the double-sided tapes for light-duty mounting only. 3M Scotch offers a Heavy-Duty Mounting Tape for heavy duty mounting.
4.9. Are Scotch Packaging Tapes waterproof or weather proof?
Scotch packaging tapes will withstand a moderate amount of moisture for a short period, but they are not designed to hold through prolonged exposure to weather.
4.10. Is there other color of Post-it Notes?
Yes, Post-it offers a bundle of Post-it notes which varies in colours.
4.11. Does Tartan Masking tape leave residues after removing?
It Depends on how long have been there. Our Adhesive tapes are designed to be sticky for efficient use and stronger bond.
To know more about Shiny visit this site > www.shinystamp.com.ph .
You can also buy customized or preferred stamps at the link provided.
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